OSPM-YG | Tear Off

Plastic - Metal Security Seals

OSPM-YG TEAR OFF seal is made of polyethylene material and it is a versatile pull- tight type seal. The steel clips inside the body strengthens the product. The seal can be produced in three different lengths.


Recommended Application & Usage Areas: Airline Duty Free or catering carts, luggage, refineries, fuel and oil tankers, ATM money bags, money boxes, cash bags, game machines, fire doors, lockers...

Material Body Polypropylene (PP) and Metal Clips
Marking Area 18 mm x 40 mm
Average Breaking Strength: Approximately 35 kg
Security Class Indicative - Medium
Separation Can be separated by hand.
Package 100 seals/bag and 1.000 seals/cardboard box
Sizes 22 cm x 42 cm x 45 cm
Box Weight 5,8 kg
OSPM-YG | TEAR OFF Teknik Resim